Demon Dancers Domain

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I am a young model and mother of 3. Its

been my dream since I was a child to make

art and be a part of it. I like things done

right and on time. I take direction well.

My fiance and I are the main people here at

the domain, but we work with a good

amount of people. We take pride in what

we do and hope to keep making art and

smiles. =)

Photographers I've worked with.
WM Russel
William Atchison

Hair and make up artist.
Shira O' Higgins
Beautiful violin music
Sound of an Angel
Why me? Why anyone? I am nobody to

everyone till you get to know me as is all

people. You may look at a person and say

"Oh wow there are outstanding I want to

meet and work with that person!" Then

you meet them and things can go 1 of two

ways. 1. Everything they have put down

about themselves is total bullshit and you

start to see that outer beauty start to fade

as the ugly inner comes out more. Now for

the next. 2. You meet the person and they

fit the profile to a key! They are fun and

charming and awesome to be around and

their inner and outer beauty makes you

happy just being around them and makes

the job intresting and fun. That is why us. I

refuse to be anything less that what I claim.

So with further ado here it is. Pick me for

my inner beauty. I may not be the best

looking on the outside after years of wear

and tear of the many things life has thrown

at me but I dare not let it touch my inner

beauty. I still shine just as bright as the

stars at night on a cloudless night. I'm a bit

shy at first or maybe I will be quirky and

goofy. I am serious when need be and also

fun. I am very laid back and open minded

but am starting to see people like to take

advange of that an will be quick to bite

back if you try anything. I do onto others

as I would have done to me. So I will be

nice, charming, goofy and awesome and

hope you are to. =)